Replacing Your Tires to Pass the Texas State Inspection

New TiresIf you need to reregister your car in Texas, first you need to pass an inspection. The yearly inspection ensures that all Texas cars are safe to drive on the road. The tires are an important part of this inspection. If you need help passing the Texas state inspection, Family Tire & Service can help you get your car ready to pass.

The tires are one of the most important pieces of any vehicle inspection in Texas. If the tires are not in proper shape, it can cause them to slip on wet or icy roads or to blow out while driving. Both of these problems could cause a serious accident, especially if the car is being driven at a high speed. For this reason, Texas requires tires to have a tread depth of at least 3/32 inches.

Older or worn-out tires often don’t have the recommended tread depth because a portion of the tire has rubbed off while driving on the road. These tires need to be replaced before you can pass the inspection. Buying new tires is often the best option. You can buy used tires more cheaply, but these tires may wear out before your next inspection.

Not all new tires are created equally. You want to make sure that your new tires not only have the proper tread depth, but are also designed to last for several years. New tires differ in price, and the most expensive tires are not necessarily the best ones for your needs.

You’ll need a tire replacement service in Grapevine that you can trust if you don’t know a lot about tires. That way, you can make sure you are getting the tires you need to pass your inspection and drive safely throughout the rest of the year. Call Family Tire & Service at 817-488-5520 to schedule your inspection appointment today.


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