Know Your Brakes

Grinding, Squealing, Pulsing most people know these to be signs that their brakes aren’t working properly however some do not.

There are a number of reasons you could be having these symptoms in your car such as worn brake pads, improper size, worn rotors, even dust in your brake system can cause these sounds to occur.

There are different kinds of braking systems first off there is disk,  second there is drum. The main components of Disk Brakes  are brake pads, rotor, and caliper.There is also Drum Brakes that consist of brake drums and brake shoes and wheel cylinder.

In addition to the sound symptoms you may have additional symptoms or a different symptom. Pedal vibration, brake grabbing or dragging, soft or spongy braking are mechanical signs of your brakes wearing.

Having brakes that are not in proper working order is a safety risk for you and others if you are having any of these symptoms you should get your brakes inspected. It is also suggested to have your brakes checked every two years, even if none of these symptoms present.

All Tech Auto Repair will perform a free brake inspection for you and we guarantee our work with a life time warranty. We perform a brake inspection, make sure  your brake fluid is full, and give you a quote on exactly what you need.

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