Lexington Gets Spate of Auto Glass Vandalisms

Lexington is the latest place to be struck by the auto glass vandals.  According to police, no fewer than a dozen cars had their auto glass vandalized last week, all along a single drive.  The cars on Summerhill Drive suffered from broken windows and not windshields, further indicating the purely mischief-making nature of the prank.  People are suspecting that it is a single group that is responsible for the vandalism, considering that the incidents have all the indications of a series of vandalism caused by pranksters doing a malicious drive-by with a tool such as a pellet gun or a BB gun, two of the most favored instruments for vandals of car windows.

The auto glass vandalism are not new to this area, it seems.  At least one of the victims or owners of the vandalized cars, Nell Demaree, alleged that she had suffered a like vandalism before, after parking her car in the same location.  Residents of the area are troubled, fearing that the vandals shall continue to make the rounds of the location and make even more trouble for car owners.

Similar incidents have been breaking out all over the country and even abroad, although the vast majority of the auto glass break-ins this season have been ones suspected to be motivated by an intent to burgle.  The perpetrators do not always make off with something, of course, as some seem less discerning than others, but they do manage to steal something in most cases.  The usual items targeted are devices that are typically left in cars, such as GPS devices, sat nav units, and even mobile handsets forgotten by the owner in the seat of the car.  Other typical items that such car burglars look for would be packages from the mall, shopping bags, handbags, laptop bags, and similar items that may be left in any of the seats of the vehicle.  The usual recommendation in such cases is for car owners to simply take care not to leave anything tempting in their cars, and thus avoid presenting too much temptation to thieves.

The Lexington incidents, though, have not had any burglaries associated with them, which indicates pure vandalism at work.  This does not make it any less grave, of course: the owners of the cars still end up losing something, even if insurance does pay for the auto glass repair in most cases.  Still, the trouble of having to bring the car to the shop and wait for the broken window to be replaced is something to be considered.  Meanwhile, police are looking for clues and allege that although the incidents must have happened at any time from 1 to 5 in the morning, there should be some witnesses still.  Police urge any people with useful information to come forward and tell their story.


Source: http://www.windshieldreplacementphoenix.org/laws/lexington-gets-spate-of-auto-glass-vandalisms/464/

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