Car Maintenance Coming into Spring

We are moving in to spring weather which means rainy weather, spring break trips, and another perfect time to check over your vehicle.

With the change in weather you want to make sure you are prepared

Fresh Wiper blades
Making sure your cooling system is working
Oil Change if needed
and any supplies needed if stranded

Before heading out on any long spring break trips you should get an over all inspection All Tech Auto Repair Does free 35 point inspections. When ever you are going to be taking a long trip you want to check for:

Properly maintained and inflated tires
you have a properly inflated spare tire, jack, tire iron
your coolant is non corrosive
your brakes are in good condition
you have completed recommended service for mileage
all components of your car are working properly
and an emergency kit

As Spring approaches All Tech Auto Repair is prepared to take care of all your car needs and keep your car running in good condition for all your spring adventures.

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