Gum disease bacteria may cause heart disease

The same bacteria that cause gum disease also promotes heart disease — a discovery that could change the way heart disease is diagnosed and treated. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the North America. Gum disease affects 46 percent of the U.S. population and is caused by bacteria that grow on the teeth under the gums. Although doctors know that patients with gum disease are at higher risk for heart disease, gum disease isn’t viewed as a traditional risk factor for heart disease.


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The Dentists at Perfect Smile Tulsa on Digital Dental Trends

New technologies make modern dentistry significantly quicker and even more accurate.


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Should I Use the Body Shop Recommended by My Insurance Company?

Drivers have a lot of questions after experiencing an auto accident and will typically turn first to their insurance company for answers. Your insurance company can be…

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Dr. David Roach Informs About When To Have A Tooth Extracted

Dr. David Roach wants his patients to understand that tooth extractions are not what they used to be, and when the procedure may need to be done.


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Henry Schein Announces Release Of Dentrix Ascend(TM)


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Trusted Baltimore Dentist Revitalizes Incomplete Smiles

With free consultations and dental implants, Dr. K. Michael Murphy and Associates tackles missing teeth and creates gorgeous smiles.


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A 35-hour workweek all over France? Not quite

A Citadines serviced apartment housekeeper in France at The Ascott Ltd, the largest Singapore employer there, takes home about 20,000 euros (S$34,127) a year.

But after tagging on social security dues like on healthcare, family benefits, as well as unemployment insurance and pension contributions, Ascott pays about 30,000 euros a year, said Lee Sym Keun, Ascott’s senior vice-president of asset management and business development in Europe.


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Entrepreneur helps dentists avert the pain of bashing on the Internet

When Leonard Tau’s father opened his dental practice in New York in 1971, attracting business required very little effort.

“My dad put a shingle up, and the patients just came,” Tau said.

By the time Tau started his practice in Northeast Philadelphia in 2007, the Internet had made life anything but smile-worthy for dentists.


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Radiator Repair: Take The Pressure Off!

Spring is here, and no one wants to get stranded on the side of the road on a rainy spring day! Now is a good time of year to get a radiator service before the hot summer months are here. To keep your car running smoothly year-round and to protect your engine from overheating, resulting in a radiator repair, it’s important to schedule regular radiator service with a qualified auto mechanic. A dependable vehicle is not an automatic thing. It requires extra attention, time, and financial investment.


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Researchers motivate diabetics to adopt healthy lifestyle

By means of so-called health coaching, researchers have helped a large group of diabetics to markedly improve their oral health. The patients assume responsibility for their own bodies and boost their self-efficacy through motivational health coaching, taking a different approach to conventional health campaigns and one-way communication.


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