Pompano Beach Dentist Keeps Patients Smiling With Confidence

Dr. Natalia Stadler, a dentist in Pompano Beach, provides superior dental services to improve patients’ smiles.

Source: http://www.dentalprnews.com/medical_dental_articles/2014/04/pompano-beach-dentist-keeps-patients-smiling-with-confidence-384509.htm

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Winter Weather Possibly Coming To NC; Tips Offered For Drivers

Triad Winter Weather Driving TipsWhile a lot of the country has been slammed with nasty winter weather this year, the Piedmont Triad area of NC has mostly avoided it. However, the forecast for next week doesn’t look promising. In fact, some weather people are calling for as much as a foot of snow being dumped sometime in the Winston-Salem, High Point and Kernersville areas mid-week. If that happens, the only ones who will benefit are grocery stores, towing companies and body shops.

Yes, I said body shops. It’s no secret that most people in the South aren’t very good at driving in the snow. In their defense, it’s not their fault. They simply don’t have the same experience as their Northern friends. That’s why it’s important to share a few tips on driving safely in winter weather.

Tips For Driving On Snow & Ice

1) Make sure you can see out of your windshield. This sounds like common sense but like Will Rogers said: “Common sense ain’t so common.” Cleaning the snow and/or ice off of your entire car, including the headlights, is the 1st step but there are others such as making sure you have good windshield wipers  and have anti-icing fluid in your windshield washer system.

2) Watch out for “black ice”. Yeah, it’s tough to see it but it’s deadly so driver beware. It’s also called “glare ice” and the name does it justice. Sometimes it looks nearly transparent, other times it simply looks like a puddle of water and sometimes it can’t be seen at all. Snow is much easier to deal with than this. 

3) Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Remember your parents or grandparents checking their tire pressure every time they bought gas for their car? Do YOU do that? Didn’t think so. While you should check your tire pressure often, it’s a “must do” when snow and ice are covering the ground. 

4) Don’t use cruise control. Why? Because it’s dangerous to do so when driving on any slippery surface.

5) Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Better yet, do everything slower when you’re driving on snow and ice covered roads. 

6) Make sure you have gas in your car. At least half a tank is recommended. 

7) Make sure you have your cell phone. You also need to have your cell phone car charger with you.

8) Make sure your car battery is fully charged. Frank Myers Auto Repair can help you do this for no charge. Simply give them a call at (336) 831-0656 or visit their website at http://www.FrankMyersAutoRepair.com to schedule a time to drop by.

9) Carry some basic supplies with you. Things like an ice scraper, a shovel, a bag of sand, blankets, bottled water and non-perishable snacks could go a long way if you are ever stuck in your car during winter weather.

10) Stay at home. The basic rule of thumb during bad winter weather especially in the South, is STAY HOME.

Of course, the weather pros are wrong more times than they are right so this information may be for naught. If so, keep it handy because the bad winter weather usually sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Until then, you better get to the grocery store with the rest of the Triad peeps. The milk and bread will be gone soon. 

Source: http://www.winstonsalemusedcars.com/articles/winter-weather-driving-tips/

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South San Jose Dentists Increase Patient Interaction With New Social Media Sites

Dr. Deepak Shetty and Dr. Kavita Bhatia, dentists in South San Jose, invite patients to join The Dental Dimensions’ interactive social media channels – Facebook and Twitter.

Source: http://www.dentalprnews.com/medical_dental_articles/2014/04/south-san-jose-dentists-increase-patient-interaction-with-new-social-media-sites-384512.htm

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Marietta Cosmetic Dentists at Windy Hill Dental Associates Explain Crowns

Offering a number of procedures from dental implants to teeth whitening in Marietta, this dental practice can help you achieve a healthy oral environment.

Source: http://www.dentalprnews.com/medical_dental_articles/2014/04/marietta-cosmetic-dentists-at-windy-hill-dental-associates-explain-crowns-384039.htm

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Advice From An Auto Shop: Tips To Survive Pothole Season!

During your commute to work how many potholes do you drive over? While most of them may be small, some of them may be quite large, resulting in a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride. It is pothole season! Drivers need to be extra careful navigating the roads, especially on rainy days and at times close to dawn and dusk. Auto shops are busy with customers whose vehicles are suffering from pothole damage.

Source: http://www.elkrivertireandauto.com/tips-blog/advice-from-an-auto-shop-tips-to-survive-pothole-season

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Nov. 15th: P.A.U.L. Study Club Presentation: Accounts Receivables

If you’re near the southern Pennsylvania area, come on out on November 15th for the P.A.U.L. Study Club for Office Managers! I’ll be presenting Successful Systems for Accounts Receivables…

Read the rest @ The Dental Implant Blog

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Drobo Announces 4 Bay Third Generation Device

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Backup Cameras Likely Mandated for 2014

The Department of Transportation has, in the works, a mandate to install backup cameras in all vehicles. Congress expects to have a final rule on the requirement by December 31st, 2012. The Department of Transportation has conducted a study which concluded that an estimated 228 people die and about 17,000 are injured annually in back over accidents and half of the deaths are of children. If this law does pass all passenger vehicles will have to have backup cameras installed by 2014. “Adoption of this proposal would significantly reduce fatalities and injuries caused by back over crashes involving children, persons with disabilities, the elderly and other pedestrians.” It is estimated to cost between $159-$203 to have the visual display screen installed and will be even cheaper for newer model vehicles. If this passes, economy cars will be hit the hardest.

Are you ready to have a backup camera installed on your vehicle?

Read the full article from Car Talk here.

Source: http://www.cartalksecondopinion.com/blog/2012/03/12/backup-cameras/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=backup-cameras

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Look and Be Confident: Advantages of Invisible Braces

By Colby

Have you always wanted a straight set of teeth, but were scared that the metallic braces would ruin your smile during the course of your treatment? With the help of modern day technology, growing level of expertise in the field of orthodontics and also keeping the aesthetic aspect in mind, dentists today have broken the barrier of traditional metallic braces and are using brackets that are virtually invisible to see as they are made up of invisible plastic or ceramic which also show better results than its predecessors. Invisible braces for teeth have a lot of advantages, some are:

  • Aesthetic Appeal

The fear of having that awkward smile, is common as wearing braces is a thing of the past. Yet, nowadays, braces are not only worn by children but are also opted by grownups, as everyone wants a perfect set of teeth. The main reason why adults are opting for braces is due to the fact that these virtually invisible brackets can’t be seen. So working men and women are carefree while talking to a client or executing a big presentation. The disadvantage of having metallic braces was that it was very prominent when you smiled or spoke to anyone. Invisible braces enhance your aesthetic appeal and boost your confidence.

  • Better Results

The traditional metallic brackets created a lot of friction as they use elastics to keep the wires in place. These elastics also acted as a brake slowing the process as the bracket wasn’t able to move freely.  Invisible braces or brackets do not cause friction at all, as a different mechanism is used. This mechanism helps the brackets to move more freely and speeds up the process of having straight teeth.

  • Cost Effective

Having metallic braces or having invisible ceramic braces almost costs the same. Anyone would prefer having invisible braces over the metallic ones. On an average invisible braces may cost anything from $3000 to $8000, this cost totally depends on your dental condition, the dentist where you’re doing your treatment from.

Having invisible braces is totally worth the cost and effort. Even during the treatment your confidence gets a huge boost and makes you look more aesthetically appealing. This is a lifelong investment that you’re going to make, apart from giving you a wonderful smile, having straight teeth also provides dental hygiene benefits. It aids in preservation of tooth enamel and prevents the formation of calculus, commonly referred to as tartar. In some testimonials, patients have even stated that after the treatment not only their teeth got aligned perfectly but they also got a facelift with a better, broader smile.



Damon Clear (Invisible Braces) combines the best of traditional clear braces and invisible aligners to deliver a discrete treatment experience with results that go beyond straight teeth.

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Byproducts of bacteria-causing gum disease incite oral cancer growth, study shows

Researchers have discovered how byproducts in the form of small fatty acids from two bacteria prevalent in gum disease incite the growth of deadly Kaposi’s sarcoma-related lesions and tumors in the mouth. High levels of these bacteria are found in the saliva of people with periodontal disease, and at lower levels in those with good oral health — further evidence of the link between oral and overall physical health. The discovery could lead to early saliva testing for the bacteria, which, if found, could be treated and monitored for signs of cancer and before it develops into a malignancy, the researchers say.

Source: http://feeds.sciencedaily.com/~r/sciencedaily/health_medicine/dentistry/~3/-i2gefN5MPw/140225122506.htm

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