Dentists Reveal Younger Looking Smiles With Cosmetic Dentistry In Toronto

Toronto dentists reveal how cosmetic dentistry can change your smile and life!


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Winter Weather Possibly Coming To NC; Tips Offered For Drivers

Triad Winter Weather Driving TipsWhile a lot of the country has been slammed with nasty winter weather this year, the Piedmont Triad area of NC has mostly avoided it. However, the forecast for next week doesn’t look promising. In fact, some weather people are calling for as much as a foot of snow being dumped sometime in the Winston-Salem, High Point and Kernersville areas mid-week. If that happens, the only ones who will benefit are grocery stores, towing companies and body shops.

Yes, I said body shops. It’s no secret that most people in the South aren’t very good at driving in the snow. In their defense, it’s not their fault. They simply don’t have the same experience as their Northern friends. That’s why it’s important to share a few tips on driving safely in winter weather.

Tips For Driving On Snow & Ice

1) Make sure you can see out of your windshield. This sounds like common sense but like Will Rogers said: “Common sense ain’t so common.” Cleaning the snow and/or ice off of your entire car, including the headlights, is the 1st step but there are others such as making sure you have good windshield wipers  and have anti-icing fluid in your windshield washer system.

2) Watch out for “black ice”. Yeah, it’s tough to see it but it’s deadly so driver beware. It’s also called “glare ice” and the name does it justice. Sometimes it looks nearly transparent, other times it simply looks like a puddle of water and sometimes it can’t be seen at all. Snow is much easier to deal with than this. 

3) Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Remember your parents or grandparents checking their tire pressure every time they bought gas for their car? Do YOU do that? Didn’t think so. While you should check your tire pressure often, it’s a “must do” when snow and ice are covering the ground. 

4) Don’t use cruise control. Why? Because it’s dangerous to do so when driving on any slippery surface.

5) Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Better yet, do everything slower when you’re driving on snow and ice covered roads. 

6) Make sure you have gas in your car. At least half a tank is recommended. 

7) Make sure you have your cell phone. You also need to have your cell phone car charger with you.

8) Make sure your car battery is fully charged. Frank Myers Auto Repair can help you do this for no charge. Simply give them a call at (336) 831-0656 or visit their website at to schedule a time to drop by.

9) Carry some basic supplies with you. Things like an ice scraper, a shovel, a bag of sand, blankets, bottled water and non-perishable snacks could go a long way if you are ever stuck in your car during winter weather.

10) Stay at home. The basic rule of thumb during bad winter weather especially in the South, is STAY HOME.

Of course, the weather pros are wrong more times than they are right so this information may be for naught. If so, keep it handy because the bad winter weather usually sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Until then, you better get to the grocery store with the rest of the Triad peeps. The milk and bread will be gone soon. 


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Drinking fluoridated water gives no additional risks for hip fractures

A team of researchers investigated possible adverse health effects on bone tissue from drinking fluoridated water. With nearly half a million individuals participating in this study, this is believed to be one of the largest studies of its kind.


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High-dose statins reduce gum inflammation in heart disease patients

Statins, commonly prescribed medications for lowering cholesterol, also reduced inflammation associated with gum disease. The study suggests that steps taken to reduce gum disease may also reduce inflammation in the arteries and vice versa.


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Richmond VA Cosmetic Dentist Lists Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Are you unhappy with the smile you see on a daily basis? If so, you may have considered cosmetic dentistry. Of the many treatments offered by cosmetic dentistry, perhaps none offer the kind of speedy and dramatic transformations created by porcelain veneers. To learn more about the benefits of porcelain veneers, consult the list below […]


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Custom Wheels and Tires For Your Wilmington Ride

It seems like everywhere you go in the Wilmington area you see custom wheels. Big trucks, little cars, mini-vans – it doesn’t matter, motorists are expressing themselves with custom wheels. Some North Carolina motorists want smaller tires and wheels – some want larger – and some want them enormous. So where do you start if you want new wheels? We suggest you start with your budget. We know, that sounds so practical. But if the look you’re after goes beyond just new tires and wheels and enters into the world of suspension modifications, you need to be prepared for the additional cost.

Let’s start with something easy – you want to give your ride a unique look and the stock wheel size is just right for you. One of the concerns you will have is that the new wheels have the same offset as your sedans factory wheels.

First, what is offset? The wheel bolts onto the hub on the sedans’s axle. The distance from the inside edge of the wheel to the point at which it bolts on, is the offset. If the new wheel has a different offset from the factory, the tires may rub on the inside or outside of the wheel well. That could lead to catastrophic tire failure.

Your tire and wheel professional at Atlantic Car Care in Wilmington can help you find the right size wheel – or install adapters to make your new wheels fit. All you have to do is pick from the hundreds of styles available.

Atlantic Car Care
21 New Bern Street
Wilmington, North Carolina 28403

So, what if you want to upsize? Well, if it is just bigger wheels you want, but you want to keep the same overall tire diameter, that’s pretty easy. The same offset concerns apply. You need to know that the tires will likely be a little bit wider than the originals and could rub when you make sharp turns. Your tire professional at Atlantic Car Care will help you avoid this.

It is also important to keep the same overall tire diameter because changing the rolling diameter can mess with your sedans anti-lock brakes and stability control systems. Are you starting to see why you want to consult with your tire and wheel expert at Atlantic Car Care in Wilmington? Is “super-size me” your motto? If it is, you are going to have to lift your vehicle to make room for those huge tires. A mild lift doesn’t require extensive modifications. An extreme lift means a lot of new hardware under the vehicle. It also means a lot of stock electronic systems need to be recalibrated to the new tire size. For example, your speedometer and odometer will give false readings if they aren’t recalibrated. (You don’t want to risk getting speeding tickets on North Carolina expressways because your speedometer shows a lower-than-actual speed.)

You should also be aware of possible performance issues. Bigger tires and wheels weigh more. North Carolina automotive experts refer to this as unsprung weight because it isn’t held up by your sedans suspension system. Increased unsprung weight affects performance in different ways than an equivalent amount of groceries or little soccer players in the sedans passenger compartment. Acceleration is negatively affected. Stopping distances may also be increased – sometimes significantly. If you want really big tires and wheels, you might need to upgrade your brakes to compensate.

Heading the other direction, some motorists like to run smaller than standard wheels and lower the suspension. All of the same fitment issues still apply as well as calibration issues. Don’t think that sedans suspension modifications are a bad thing. Many systems actually improve ride, function and performance over the stock set-up.

Regardless of your budget, you want your sedans to continue to do all the things you need it to do. Some of those show cars and trucks you see on TV look fantastic, but have been modified in ways that may not suit your needs. For example, if you put large rims on your SUV with low profile tires, you may be in for busted rims if you go off-roading a lot around Wilmington. There just isn’t enough sidewall to absorb the impact of thumping over rocks.

Some motorists stuff the largest tires and wheels possible in their vehicles but have to severely restrict suspension travel so that the tires aren’t rubbing all day. That can lead to a very harsh ride. Again, talk with your Atlantic Car Care wheel professional about all of these things: how you drive in Wilmington, what look you are going for, your budget and what compromises you are willing to make.

At the end of the day, you’re going to be rollin’ out of there with one sweet ride.


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Buck teeth: Correct them once in early adolescence

A review finds few benefits to a two-stage orthodontic correction for buck teeth in children versus treatment done in one-stage during early adolescence.


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Convenience in Auto Repair

All Tech Auto Repair is all about our customers and what we can do to help them out. From our scheduling to our pick up and delivery service we are trying our best to look out for our customers.

We want to provide you with the best experience possible with us, so we will go the extra mile for your convenience. Our shop offers a pick up and delivery service to our customers in the area, we will come pick up your vehicle from home or work, complete your service or repair, and deliver it back to you. We also provide our loaner car to customers that will be with out their car for a few days or if we are working on their only vehicle. These are both services that we offer free to our customers.

To assist our customers further we know that people have busy lives and we would like to contact you with your best form of contact be it fax, phone, email or text. We have these options for you so that we can contact you get your approval and get your car back to you as soon as possible. We have accommodations for people to wait in our office for services such as oil changes so that if you do not have the availability to leave your car we have a place for you to wait comfortably while we service your vehicle.
Our goal is to get you in and out efficiently. We want to fix your car correctly in the quickest time. All Tech Auto Repair knows how important our customers cars are to them so with our system we have the techs doing the inspections while our office is making an estimate for your so that we can call you with an estimate and get your repairs done as soon as possible.

Our Warranty- we provide our customers with a life time warranty for most repairs. We stand by our repairs and if any issues arise with a repair that we have done we will get you right back in and take care of that for you. We take pride in our customers and will do our best for you.
We send our reminders of any services or repairs that your vehicle is due for based on mileage or previous inspection preformed by our mechanics. These provide you with the information that your car may need some repair so you can be aware and prepared. On all our invoices that we give customers there is a list of any recommended repairs that you may not have completed at this time so that you know what additionally needs to be done with your car. We want our customers to be informed and aware of anything that their vehicle may need so we can keep their running in optimum condition.

Let us know how we are doing we would love the feedback and we encourage reviews so that we know what we are doing right and what we can improve on so we make your experience convenient and positive.

The post Convenience in Auto Repair appeared first on Nampa Auto Repair & Oil Change Specialist: All Tech Auto Repair.


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Your Time with Kim: Radio Interview on Medical Tourism

Medical travel for major dental work, plastic surgery and other medical care continues to be in the news in the United States. On Friday evening, I was interviewed about the subject on the Your Time with Kim syndicated talk radio program.


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Plymouth Residence Receive Dental Implants To Replace Missing Teeth

Dr. George Atsalis, a dentist in Plymouth, MI, offers dental implants for a complete smile restoration for his patients at Atsalis Dental Excellence.


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