Study: Providing dental insurance not enough to induce americans to seek care

Providing people with dental insurance does not necessarily mean that they will use it and seek dental care, according to a new study.


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Billions worldwide suffer from major tooth decay

Billions of people across the globe are suffering from major untreated dental problems, according to a new report.


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Biological tooth replacement is a step closer

Scientists have developed a new method of replacing missing teeth with a bioengineered material generated from a person’s own gum cells. Current implant-based methods of whole tooth replacement fail to reproduce a natural root structure and, as a consequence of the friction from eating and other jaw movement, loss of jaw bone can occur around the implant.


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Important Features of an Off-Road Vehicle

Are you interested in some off-road capabilities for your next car? If so, you may want to swing by Toyota FJ Cruiser dealerships. This is a car that gives you all of the off-road aspects that you are looking for, such as a four wheel drive system, great ground clearance, and the like. If you want to go on trails or even climb the side of a mountain, this is exactly what you need.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Even if you are not planning to take to the trails, it might not be a bad idea to get a car that can do it. Think about driving in the winter, when you can hit a lot of snow. What do you need the most? You have to have two things: ground clearance and four wheel drive. If you do, you can punch through the snow and be safe. This is nice whether you are driving to work or going on the back roads. The same things that help you on the trails can help you when the roads get tough and the weather is out of control.

Every high-quality off-road vehicle possesses an extremely efficient engine that can produce an optimum level of horsepower and torque. A strong engine helps the vehicle perform well in testing circumstances like mountainous environments. An good off-road car should have the potential to climb a terrain at a 60 percent angle and the ability to move across a terrain sideways without tilting over even if the slope is at an angle of 40 percent.

Another thing that an off-road vehicle may have is a set of skid plates. These are designed to help keep the car from being damaged if you are going over rocks or logs. In the winter, they keep the snow away from the engine, preventing rust. The plates protect the engine, so they heat up quickly, meaning you do not even have to worry about snow getting packed under them.

Some of the modern off-road cars come with an electronic parking brake which makes sure that the vehicle does not slip on slopes. A rollover sensing system is another modern technology that warns the driver about the dangers of tipping over.

It needs to be remembered that off-road vehicles are built with higher ground clearance and they have a higher center of gravity as a result. This means that there is always a greater chance of rolling over as compared to other vehicles, which is the reason why a rollover sensing system is an extremely important addition to this type of vehicles.

However, a number of cars that perform exceptionally off the road are not that great when it comes to on-road driving and they fail to compete against other vehicles. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go through the features, pros and cons of a car before opting for it.

Let us go through a few qualities of a good off-road car and it is advised that you consider them before purchasing such a vehicle:

  • Large tires with deep open treads
  • A flexible suspension of the highest quality
  • A powerful engine that has the potential to generate a high level of torque and horsepower
  • Enough cargo space
  • Lighter, agile and fuel efficient
  • Efficient brakes that prevent any kind of slipping
  • A rollover sensing system

You can search for off-road vehicles before choosing one.


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Google Updates Drive with Activity Stream for Shared Files


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Radiator Service Increases Safe Winter Driving

The cold days of winter are approaching fast. Many drivers don’t understand that even though the temperatures are low, it doesn’t mean your radiator can’t overheat. It is more important than ever to give your vehicle a radiator service before winter’s cold temperatures are here to stay. The hot temperatures of summer may have unknowingly taken a toll on your vehicle’s cooling system and you’re headed for a major radiator repair.

To help prevent major radiator repair because of an overheating engine, here are two issues to watch out:


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Biological tooth replacement is a step closer

Scientists have developed a new method of replacing missing teeth with a bioengineered material generated from a person’s own gum cells. Current implant-based methods of whole tooth replacement fail to reproduce a natural root structure and, as a consequence of the friction from eating and other jaw movement, loss of jaw bone can occur around the implant.


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Lexington Gets Spate of Auto Glass Vandalisms

Lexington is the latest place to be struck by the auto glass vandals.  According to police, no fewer than a dozen cars had their auto glass vandalized last week, all along a single drive.  The cars on Summerhill Drive suffered from broken windows and not windshields, further indicating the purely mischief-making nature of the prank.  People are suspecting that it is a single group that is responsible for the vandalism, considering that the incidents have all the indications of a series of vandalism caused by pranksters doing a malicious drive-by with a tool such as a pellet gun or a BB gun, two of the most favored instruments for vandals of car windows.

The auto glass vandalism are not new to this area, it seems.  At least one of the victims or owners of the vandalized cars, Nell Demaree, alleged that she had suffered a like vandalism before, after parking her car in the same location.  Residents of the area are troubled, fearing that the vandals shall continue to make the rounds of the location and make even more trouble for car owners.

Similar incidents have been breaking out all over the country and even abroad, although the vast majority of the auto glass break-ins this season have been ones suspected to be motivated by an intent to burgle.  The perpetrators do not always make off with something, of course, as some seem less discerning than others, but they do manage to steal something in most cases.  The usual items targeted are devices that are typically left in cars, such as GPS devices, sat nav units, and even mobile handsets forgotten by the owner in the seat of the car.  Other typical items that such car burglars look for would be packages from the mall, shopping bags, handbags, laptop bags, and similar items that may be left in any of the seats of the vehicle.  The usual recommendation in such cases is for car owners to simply take care not to leave anything tempting in their cars, and thus avoid presenting too much temptation to thieves.

The Lexington incidents, though, have not had any burglaries associated with them, which indicates pure vandalism at work.  This does not make it any less grave, of course: the owners of the cars still end up losing something, even if insurance does pay for the auto glass repair in most cases.  Still, the trouble of having to bring the car to the shop and wait for the broken window to be replaced is something to be considered.  Meanwhile, police are looking for clues and allege that although the incidents must have happened at any time from 1 to 5 in the morning, there should be some witnesses still.  Police urge any people with useful information to come forward and tell their story.



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Colored Fillings

Green Colored Filling

“Your child has a cavity.”

Not many parents want to hear those words, especially if their child has dental anxiety.

Last summer, I saw a three year old child who needed to have a filling on one of his upper molars.

The only reason he sat still in the chair long enough for us to remove the decay and get a filling put in was because we told him we were going to give him a yellow colored filling.

He loved tractors, and wanted it to be yellow like his toy tractor. When he was all done, we took a picture of it and gave it to him so he could show his friends and family.

I’ve found that giving children a colored filling (along with some other things we do to make the comfortable), helps them to sit in the dental chair and get their needed dental work completed.

Find out why baby teeth need to have fillings if they just fall out.

Colored Fillings

Pink Colored FillingColored fillings are made of the same composite materials as tooth-colored fillings, they simply have more exciting coloring added to them.

At our office, we have five colors to choose from: blue, green, yellow, orange, and pink.

To the right, you can see how the pink filling looks on a tooth – it’s what most of the girls end up choosing.  That filling, as well as the green one above, was placed to fill in a cavity that formed between the teeth, which is one of the more common places you can get a cavity.

While we can do a colored filling to repair most cavities in baby teeth, nobody has had us do one on a front tooth yet!



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What Your Teeth Say About You (Infographic)

By Colby

A smile can ease one’s mind, show empathy, illicit laughter, and even foreshadow an act of deviance.  While we all know hot to read smiles and gauge their meaning, the real secrets lie in the teeth behind the smile.  And even something as little as a bit of teeth whitening can make you look 10 years younger. From aggression to bad habits, let’s see what your teeth say about you.


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