Multiple tests needed to detect infection in low birth-weight newborns, study suggests

New research finds that cultures commonly used to detect bacterial infections in low birth-weight newborns with early onset sepsis may actually overlook some germs.


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Link between obesity and dental health in homeless children strengthened

Obesity and dental cavities increase and become epidemic as children living below the poverty level age, according to nurse researchers.


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According to Marianna Frances Digioia, Summer Proves Problematic for Kids’ Oral Health

Marianna Frances Digioia speaks out on why the summer months prove problematic for children’s teeth and gums.


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Wheel Alignment: Get back on the straight road!

Just because a vehicle may pull to one side of the road or the other when driving on a straight road doesn’t necessarily mean it has a wheel alignment problem. It could actually be the beginning of more serious problems, especially if not corrected. If your vehicle is suffering from an improper car alignment, tire wear, engine performance, smoothness of the ride, braking, and other components can all be adversely affected. If you are a conscientious vehicle owner, this is probably not a bumpy road you want to go down. Schedule a wheel alignment as soon as you start to notice any unusual problems.


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Thanks to Ultradent & the Good Folks in Boise!


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Cincinnati Orthodontist Dr. Alan Weber Launches New Website and Blog for Orthodontic Patients

Dr. Alan Weber provides personalized orthodontics for all ages at Northeast Orthodontic Specialists in Cincinnati and Loveland, Ohio. The new website improves the patient experience with useful information, contests, a blog, and more!


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Gurnee Dentist Connects TMJ Disorders and Sleep Disorders in Cranio Journal Article; andquot;TMJ Alias, The Great Imposter, Has a Co-Conspirator: Poor Sleepandquot;

Patients with TMJ disorders often suffer severe pain and dysfunction including migraine, tension and sinus headaches. TMJ disorders are closely tied to sleep disorders. Dr Shapira is known for expertise in dental sleep medicine and TMJ disorders.


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Amanda Bynes appeals her mental health detention

Another Ventura County Superior Court judge, Glen M. Reiser, Friday delayed a decision on a conservatorship request from her parents, saying the standard 72-hour mentalhealth hold on Bynes had already been extended for up to 14 days. That judge said 

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Is a Car Tune Up Necessary?

“Car tune up” is probably the most misused and misunderstood all automotive terms. Merriam-Webster defines “tune-up” as a “general adjustment to insure operation at peak efficiency.”

  • Yesterday’s vehicles — Older model vehicles have a simple ignition system–one ignition coil for each spark plug. The coils are adjusted so that they each provide equal spark intensity, resulting in better idling and acceleration. These coils make a buzzing sound as they work. If they are adjusted properly, they all buzz in tune. Thus, the term “tune-up,” applied to the service of replacing spark plugs, distributor points, inspecting or replacing the cap and rotor and possibly replacing the fuel and air filters. It also included several adjustments–point gap, ignition timing and idle mixture.


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Are we counseling our older patients?

Counseling the patient on eating habits and smoking are standard procedures for managing adult dental decay. Or at least they should be. A recent Swedish study reports that older patients did not receive…


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