Vitamin D linked to lower rates of tooth decay

Health scientists have long disputed the role of vitamin D in preventing tooth decay. A new review of existing studies suggests that vitamin D may indeed have a role in tooth health. The review encompassed 24 controlled clinical trials from the 1920s to the 1980s. About 3,000 children in several countries participated. Vitamin D levels in many populations are declining while dental caries in children are increasing.


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April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month: HPV Tops Tobacco as Fastest-Growing Threat

Approximately 42,000 people in the United States will be diagnosed with oral cancer in 2013 according to the Oral Cancer Foundation.


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Find a Quality Auto Service Center with these 5 Tips!

Most vehicle owners don’t have time to find the right auto service center for their auto repair work because of their busy schedules of work, school, sports, and recreation. To help save you time and frustration in an emergency situation, make time in your schedule now to find the right auto center before you actually need it.

Here are five simple tips to guide you in finding an auto service center that meets your particular repair and service needs:


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Chocolate Instead of Mouthwash?

Chocolate Mouthwash? Recent studies from Japan, England and the U.S. have found that chocolate may be more effective for fighting cavities, plaque and tooth decay than fluoride. Dark chocolate is shown to be the most effective preventative because of its lower sugar content.


The compound that is actually helping prevent tooth decay is called CBH. Some people are predicting that this may take the place of fluoride in mouthwash and toothpaste one day. CBH is found in the cocoa bean husk and has an anti-bacterial effect.


The researchers’ recommended “dosage” is 3-4 ounces of chocolate a day. But remember, you still need to brush and floss twice a day!


If you want the best therapeutic effect, find cacao nibs to chew on or raw chocolate, since it is processed less.

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Hurricane Sandy Help From NC Man

Will Hall, commonly known as Ambassador Of Smiles for Frank Myers Auto Maxx in Winston Salem, saw Kevin Blanchard on his local tv news. Kevin was talking about how he wanted to reach out to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy and assist them. The story moved Will so much that he decided to he had to find Kevin, or as Will jokingly put it, “hunt him down.”

Frank Myers Auto Team Member Searches For Do-Gooder

Will didn’t have to look far to find Kevin. As luck would have it, Kevin’s office at Labor Finders Of Winston Salem was right around the corner from the dealership. Will got Kevin on the phone and, after a brief conversation, told him that the dealership wanted to assist in getting the message out to other people in the surrounding Triad communities. 

The time was arranged for a brief interview to be recorded at Kevin’s office at Labor Finders of Winston Salem. The video was going to used to help Will promote the Hurricane Sandy Relief Project. The brief  interview is above and everyone is encouraged to watch it. 

How Can YOU Help The Hurricane Sandy Project?

Donations consisting of bottle water, non-perishable food items, clothes (including underwear and socks), warm blankets and toiletries to assist the folks affected by Hurricane Sandy. Your help is needed so please call Kevin directly at (704) 701-1629. He will personally be delivering the items and needs them no later than November 21st. 

Frank Myers Auto Maxx Helps The Project

Will was so deeply moved by Kevin’s story and unselfish willingness to help others, that they have committed to join in on this incredible mission. Tomorrow, The Frank Myers Auto Maxx Team will be delivering $500 worth of items directly to Kevin at Labor Finders Of Winston Salem. Tracy Myers, the owner of the Winston Salem used car dealership, encourages ALL small business owners to join them in making a difference.

“It’s so easy to take everyday luxuries like electricity and clean water for granted”, said Myers. “However, just watching the news for 5 minutes and seeing the desperation on the peoples faces will make you realize how fortunate those of us not is Sandy’s path were. The least we could do is help…if not financially with a contribution, then with prayer.”

Ironic Ending

During Will’s interview, he discovered that Kevin was also a satisfied Frank Myers Auto Maxx Family Member! “That’s the way it is supposed to work”, said Hall. “Kevin supported a locally owned car dealership by buying a car. Then I saw Kevin on TV talking about his project, I was moved and reached out to see how the Frank Myers Team could help. During the process, I found out that Kevin was a member of the Frank Myers Family of Customers. Now the dealership is helping the cause with the love traveling all the way to New York! It’s a win-win in the purest definition of the term.”



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Porcelain veneers in the esthetic zone

The patient was in good general health, was a moderate smoker (about 10 cigarettes per day) and had acceptable oral hygiene. Dental crowding, malocclusion and abfractions were noticed but the patient did not accept any orthodontic treatment and asked just for the restoration of the maxillary central incisors. The patient refused a new restoration with composite materials and, after achieving a written consent, it was decided to make two feldspathic porcelain veneers, in order to restore both function and esthetics with a minimally invasive adhesive approach. In rest position, the visibility of the incisal margins of the teeth to be restored was considered satisfactory.


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New Technology in 2014 Buick Regal

2014-Buick-Regal-006-medium2014 Buick Regal revealed at the New York International Auto Show 2013 boasts of new technologies and advanced safety features. Sportier and smarter than before, the dynamic midsize sedan from the brand promises a great driving experience and an enhanced safety due to some purposeful technologies. With the introduction of all-wheel drive, 2014 Buick was made official and you need to experience the car yourself. The new refined turbo engine with 18 percent more power makes for a smooth driving experience. This promises to be one of the most successful midsize sedans.

The new 2014 Buick Regal is certainly better connected and technologically advanced.  The buyers will get all the features that they expect in a modern sedan. The new Buick with all the style and refinement meets their expectations. It offers an expressive look from both on the exterior as well as the interior. The new styling on both the front and real and those signature led daytime running lamps and the led taillamps lend a sportier look to the new Buick. The central instrument panel is fully redesigned and interior trims carry new fashion.

What you find in 2014 Buick Regal is new technology not only meant to improve your driving experience but drive safe as well. Get loads of new radar- and camera-based safety features such as lane change alert, rear cross traffic alert, lane departure warning, side blind zone alert, collision mitigation braking and forward collision alert for a complete protection. The next-generation intellilink makes for improved in-vehicle connectivity, thus making way for natural speech recognition and more intuitive controls. Moreover, the adaptive cruise control senses traffic in front as well as the rear to make adjustments in the vehicle speed and even will stop the vehicle in heavy traffic.

The new 2.0l turbo engine in 2014 Buick Regal offers more horsepower and the all-wheel-drive system enhances the cornering capability and improves traction in all driving conditions. All models get an electric power steering.2014 Buick Regal goes on sale this fall. The new Buick is more advanced technologically, more connected and more expressive. You are surrounded by a range of safety features plus highly crafted premium materials that keep you in comfort and style. Thanks to the innovative eAssist Technology, you make for fewer stops at the pump. You find several combinations in new color and trims available.

Buick is known for offering luxury vehicles with thoughtful and purposeful personal technologies. You can expect responsive and efficient performance. The brand knows how to attract new customers with award-winning luxury models.  This is yet another attempt from General Motors Co. to appeal to younger buyers. In the coming years we may get to see plenty of European sophistication in the Buick Regal.


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Palo Alto, CA Orthodontist Makes a Visit to the Orthodontist Easy, Enjoyable and WUnderful!

andquot;A healthy, brilliant smile can be yours with fewer visits and with fewer appointments,andquot; comments Dr. Eric Wu of Wu Orthodontics. andquot;Non-invasive, non-extraction orthodontic treatment means less discomfort and less time.andquot;


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Specific protein may increase risk of blood-vessel constriction linked to gum disease

A protein involved in cellular inflammation may increase the risk of plaque containing blood vessels associated with inflammatory gum disease, according to new research.


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Fish oil could be therapy for periodontal disease

A clinical trial is underway in Australia that is investigating the effects of fish oil as adjunct therapy for periodontitis.


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