Berries May Be Healthful, but Some Health Benefits of Berries May Not Make It Past Your Mouth

Research has suggested that compounds that give colorful fruits their rich hues, especially berries, promote health and might even prevent cancer. But for the first time, scientists have exposed extracts from numerous berries high in those pigments to human saliva to see just what kinds of health-promoting substances are likely to survive and be produced in the mouth…


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How to Deal with Dental Phobia and Dental Anxiety

Dental phobias and dental anxiety can be eliminated through three different approaches


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Mount Vernon Periodontist Provides Online Patients Education Resources

Dr. Harbinder Bal is happy to be featuring an extensive patient education page on his practice’s website


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1-800-DENTIST Upgrades Their Services


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Preventing bacteria from falling in with the wrong crowd could help stop gum disease

Stripping some mouth bacteria of their access key to gangs of other pathogenic oral bacteria could help prevent gum disease and tooth loss. The study suggests that this bacterial access key could be a drug target for people who are at high risk of developing gum disease.


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How to Hold a Great Staff Meeting and Get Results

Do you dread staff meetings or avoid them altogether? The reason that staff meetings can be doomed to fail is because they are not focused, there is no accountability and they rarely achieve…


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How to Deal with Dental Phobia and Dental Anxiety

Dental phobias and dental anxiety can be eliminated through three different approaches


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Before You Leave San Diego, Get A Trip Inspection

You know, at Aero Auto Repair we get a lot of people asking about how to prepare their car for a trip. That’s a big deal. You could be driving through mountains and deserts in some pretty lonely areas outside of San Diego so you may be anxious to know that the car is up to the task and won’t leave you stranded.

You really do need to plan ahead for a major road trip – there are a lot of things to get ready. Where should you start? You could start with the tires. Look them over for tread wear and check to see that they are properly inflated. Take a quick test drive around San Diego to see if you can feel any vibrations: are the wheels are in balance? Is the car tracking straight? Is the alignment ok?

Come in and see us for trip inspection.

Aero Auto Repair
9756 Aero Drive
San Diego, California 92123

The next thing is a full service oil change to make sure all of your fluids are topped off and you have fresh oil for the trip. And if your car has over 75,000 miles, you may consider putting in the high-mileage formulation to clean harmful sludge deposits in the engine. You may also need a new PCV valve and an engine air filter.

How about your transmission and brakes? Have you had your transmission and brakes inspected in the last six months?

How are your wiper blades? There’s nothing like not being able to get rid of the bug juice on a long road trip away from San Diego.

Check your owners’ manual for any other recommended service and have Aero Auto Repair do the multi-point inspection before you head out.

Consider also having the coolant system serviced – you want to stay within the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you’re towing a trailer you’ll want to be keep in mind that you’ll be going a long way under severe conditions.

A lot of folks overlook severe conditions like towing, or summer heat, or driving on dirt roads. Plan ahead for your next road trip – we want you to get there and back.

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Summer Time For Cars

We are getting to the hottest part of summer and there are a couple things that you need watch for with your vehicle.

You know to check our Air conditioning to make sure it is working properly. A couple other things that summer can have an effect on is your cooling system. Note if you see any coolant drips and check you coolant level regularly, especially in these hotter months your engine cooling system is very important.

Keep an eye on any warning lights on your dash and the temperature gauge if it appears to be getting into the red (hot) or if your car has a hot smell your vehicle is most likely overheating and you need to pull over and call someone. You don’t want to risk more costly repairs for your vehicle.

Check your tires year round to make sure they are in good condition, as well as checking your oil levels and making sure you keep up on getting your oil changed.

The post Summer Time For Cars appeared first on Nampa Auto Repair & Oil Change Specialist: All Tech Auto Repair.


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Zero Tolerance for Workplace Bullying and Harrasment

We hear a lot about bullying and harassment these days, especially when it involves cyber bullying using social media. We also know the devastating effects that may result from excessive bullying. As the…


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